Feedback from business customers

  • "Flå Municipality had for several years very high sick leave in one of its units (15-18%). A number of measures have been carried out without results. Meanwhile scores employees high on job satisfaction factor at this workplace. We started a concrete commitment autumn 2013. It was held with each employee about what the individual thought about the high absenteeism. At the same time we introduced our partner BestSolution a number of sessions with the employees. This was something completely new! Best Solution's practical approach made an impression on the staff. The sickness absence rate went rapidly downhill. Six month later the total absence had fallen to 5.4%. This is a very good result. The focus and utility has made us optimistic about the future."

    Britt H. Thalerud HR Manager, Flå Municipality
  • " Hurray! We have managed to reduce absenteeism in Nes Municipality! In some departments, sickness absence is reduced from 11-12% to 7-8%. Some departments have 0% absenteeism! We are at 4.2% in total so far this year. We have cooperated with Best Solution, and had focused on how we handle stress/conflict, how it puts itself in the body and turn results in stress-related illnesses. How each one of us handle it, how it affect colleagues and working environment! We have learned methods that give us a "tool" to deal with situations we can come into. The guidance has taken place in both groups and for individuals. We can see that smaller groups or individuals provide the best results. We are looking forward to learn more, and to use the tool so employees can have a good working day! Happy, healthy employees give us good environment and low absenteeism.

    Aud Helen Solberg Municipal Manager, Nes Municipality
  • "It is amazing when you understand what feelings can do to your body. Many are quick to shut feelings out. No wonder, for as a child we learn that we should not cry when we falls and scrubs slightly at the knee. During life we encounter many painful and unpleasant experiences. It is quite common to shut those feelings out, because it feels like the easiest way out of the situation. What we don't think about is that all these feelings that we haven't processed leaves mark in the body. We store them as our own experiences. We don't want to talk about them to protect ourselves, and we don't think about what this can do to us in the longer term. We're hurting here and there, but we can stand that! We are so little conscious of this that we can't think about that this can mean for us later in life when i face challenges in health. By having ongoing focus on feeling, will we learn to see and handle situations better. It is difficult to cope with situations well while sitting in the midst of the feeling, because it controls the most. Best Solution gets evident hos the psyche is related to the physical."

    Marianne B- Grøthe HR Manager, Hemsedal Municipality

Feedback from online courses customers and use of stopstress-methode (app)

  • "Best Solution has taught me that my feelings propagates physical body. I have arthritis and can now understand that the problem/cause is when I know which joints that are hurting. When I think about what happened the last time in my life. Best Solution has taught me by going into, feel and accept feelings I have in relation to a problem - can get the pain to let go and disappear. This has given me much greater self-knowledge and a better life! I have learned something about how me action and reaction patterns are reflected in how I feel. As long as I am conscious of this, I may even change my patterns and thus how i got it! I can recommend the Best Solution heartily. They have something that no other offers!"

    Tone Auestad, Kristiansand
  • "Best Solution has developed a practical and effective method that an be used for self-development. You achieves greater clarity around the patterns one has earned in life. As a result can you with greater freedom manage to make choices that lead to stress reduction, pain and improving they quality of live and exuberance. I recommend anyone who has a need to develop themselves to sign up for a BestSolution- courses. There are lots of practice and inspiration which really helps to create inner change."

    Lise Wessel Tallis Harahorn, Hemsedal
  • "I have become a much more peaceful and more harmonious person. How can I know that? Because of this: "You have become so real and objective mom, after you began with the Best Solution stuff, I almost don't recognize you!" Quote from one who has known me for 14 years. I can focusing on pain and painful feelings in a way that makes then go away, without taking a pill. I manage to take my life and do changes so I can get the life i want.  Problem at work are tackled on a quiet and cater way. I can manage to meet my students in a patient and friendly way."

    Unni Birch Hemsedal
  • "Thank you for a very inspiring and educational courses. I feel better disposition and I can almost fly away. I have included more joy in my luggage. Looking forward to new courses."

    David Storøy Bergen
  • "I have used the method and it works. I'm looking more favorably on things that I previously felt negative. It is nice to take the relaxation exercise after you have gone to bed. I get more calmer and fall asleep faster. Sleeping all night actually."

    Sigrid Flaget Hemsedal
  • "I was quite confused and far down when I came to the course Best Solution. Probably thought most of it was hopeless and I worked to keep up a facade. Smile and be happy, but I was sad inside. Like all others, I have some good and bad days, but now i feel more secure and stable. I feel calm, and not the least bit stressed out. Its a bit odd, but I feel really good. Yes! I'm feeling good, feeling adult for once, and not so lost. So yes! I do not have much to complain. Went by the way in bikini in the bath house and was completely relaxed with it. Thought about it afterwards. It was different from what I normally do. It was after I took the last emotions. Do not know, but it just have to do with that!"

    Jenny Nykvist Årdal, Norge
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