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leaderboard, minTavle, min e-Coach and Online
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Vilfred Gangsøy

leadersboard – outline challenges

ledersTavle gives you an overview of how often your employees feel invisible.

Or other needs that are not being fulfilled as not being liked, respected, appreciated, needed, involved.

In the mobile app, the employees provide feedback on the needs they were threatened/encountered and what feelings they came into. As a leader you will see the top 3 challenges in your department.

Real-time data changes as soon as new challenges arise.

You can tackle and solve the biggest challenge in the department at any time, involve the employees and find common rules for co-operation.

Keep a continuous focus on health promoting work environment.

Outline active members

Leadesboard gives you a outline of the currently active members. 

The outline does not tell which users are online and who is not, it is a collective outline. In this way, the employee’s privacy is kept.

Nevertheless, it gives you the opportunity to involve those who are active by giving them participation when preparing joint rules together.

Ask questions instead of setting goals.
Your company may have set new goals for the upcoming year. Innovation- og management professor Hal Gregersen advices you to change them into questions.

Our methods of finding common solutions are based on the methodology of Innovation and Management Professor Hal Gregersen. Our support systems are based on this, along with automatic feedback on whether we succeed or not, this represents a new way of managing staff development.
In other words, improvement of traditional Lean methodology, NOW for personal development.



min eCoach – Online guidance

The employees gets Online guadiance depending on the challenges they are currently in.

Guidance on how they can best work to teach you a new strategy to feel safe.

The StopStress method is based on exposure psychology techniques.The instructions are based on this.

The guides are based on employee’s feedback and it changes when they come into new challenges.

Online courses

 As a leader you will get the necessary instructions to handle the tools.

It applies to the setup of the technical solution so that data is collected in your department. As well as creation of private membership for each employee, with setup of logging of data. And download and installation of the app.

Both the employees and yourself will have acsess to a membership at minTavle, min eCoach (continuous guidance depending on where they currently are at) and Online courses.

The package with up to 20 employees costs kr. 33 000.- each year.  Contact us if you need a solution for a larger group of employees or leaders.

customers feedback

  • "Flå Municipality had for several years very high sick leave in one of its units (15-18%). A number of measures have been carried out without results. Meanwhile scores employees high on job satisfaction factor at this workplace. We started a concrete commitment autumn 2013. It was held with each employee about what the individual thought about the high absenteeism. At the same time we introduced our partner BestSolution a number of sessions with the employees. This was something completely new! Best Solution's practical approach made an impression on the staff. The sickness absence rate went rapidly downhill. Six month later the total absence had fallen to 5.4%. This is a very good result. The focus and utility has made us optimistic about the future."

    Britt H. Thalerud HR Manager, Flå Municipality
  • " Hurray! We have managed to reduce absenteeism in Nes Municipality! In some departments, sickness absence is reduced from 11-12% to 7-8%. Some departments have 0% absenteeism! We are at 4.2% in total so far this year. We have cooperated with Best Solution, and had focused on how we handle stress/conflict, how it puts itself in the body and turn results in stress-related illnesses. How each one of us handle it, how it affect colleagues and working environment! We have learned methods that give us a "tool" to deal with situations we can come into. The guidance has taken place in both groups and for individuals. We can see that smaller groups or individuals provide the best results. We are looking forward to learn more, and to use the tool so employees can have a good working day! Happy, healthy employees give us good environment and low absenteeism.

    Aud Helen Solberg Municipal Manager, Nes Municipality
  • "It is amazing when you understand what feelings can do to your body. Many are quick to shut feelings out. No wonder, for as a child we learn that we should not cry when we falls and scrubs slightly at the knee. During life we encounter many painful and unpleasant experiences. It is quite common to shut those feelings out, because it feels like the easiest way out of the situation. What we don't think about is that all these feelings that we haven't processed leaves mark in the body. We store them as our own experiences. We don't want to talk about them to protect ourselves, and we don't think about what this can do to us in the longer term. We're hurting here and there, but we can stand that! We are so little conscious of this that we can't think about that this can mean for us later in life when i face challenges in health. By having ongoing focus on feeling, will we learn to see and handle situations better. It is difficult to cope with situations well while sitting in the midst of the feeling, because it controls the most. Best Solution gets evident hos the psyche is related to the physical."

    Marianne B- Grøthe HR Manager, Hemsedal Municipality

Become a corporation member , and you will get the outline you need.

leaderboard, minTavle, min e-Coach and Online
courses available online.

Vilfred Gangsøy

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