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Vilfred Gangsøy

minTavle – overview needs

minTavle gives you an overview of how often you feel invisible

Or other needs you have like not being liked, respected, appreciated, needed, involved with more.

In the mobile app, you provide feedback on what needs you were threatened/encountered and what feelings you came into. You also specify the strength before/after using the StopStress method.

Based on your feedback, we present the information graphically to you.

minTavle – overview feelings

Different feelings arise when we get upset / threatened.

minTavle gives you an overview of the different feelings you’ve given feedback to on the app.

This gives you the opportunity to see that you have worked with different emotions over time. Often it is easy to give up if you feel you have been in the same negative feelings for some time. It may be a relief for you to see that you’re working with completely different feelings than you did before.

Therefore, it’s important to give feedback on the mobile app every time you’re in a bad situation.




min eCoach – Online coaching

You get Online coaching based on the challenges you are in NOW

Guidance on how to best work on learning a new strategy to master fear, negative feelings and painful challenges.

The stop stress method is based on exposure psychology techniques. The instructions are based on this.

The guides are based on your feedback and change when you get into new challenges.

Online course

To teach you to handle difficult situations, we offer multiple methods to succeed

The different methods allow you to choose the one that suits you best.

We offer the training you need to change strategy to overcome fear, negative feelings and wounded situations.

In addition to information about the StopStress method, the background of our commitment and technical guidance.

Feedbacks customers

  • "Best Solution has taught me that my feelings propagates physical body. I have arthritis and can now understand that the problem/cause is when I know which joints that are hurting. When I think about what happened the last time in my life. Best Solution has taught me by going into, feel and accept feelings I have in relation to a problem - can get the pain to let go and disappear. This has given me much greater self-knowledge and a better life! I have learned something about how me action and reaction patterns are reflected in how I feel. As long as I am conscious of this, I may even change my patterns and thus how i got it! I can recommend the Best Solution heartily. They have something that no other offers!"

    Tone Auestad, Kristiansand
  • "Best Solution has developed a practical and effective method that an be used for self-development. You achieves greater clarity around the patterns one has earned in life. As a result can you with greater freedom manage to make choices that lead to stress reduction, pain and improving they quality of live and exuberance. I recommend anyone who has a need to develop themselves to sign up for a BestSolution- courses. There are lots of practice and inspiration which really helps to create inner change."

    Lise Wessel Tallis Harahorn, Hemsedal
  • "I have become a much more peaceful and more harmonious person. How can I know that? Because of this: "You have become so real and objective mom, after you began with the Best Solution stuff, I almost don't recognize you!" Quote from one who has known me for 14 years. I can focusing on pain and painful feelings in a way that makes then go away, without taking a pill. I manage to take my life and do changes so I can get the life i want.  Problem at work are tackled on a quiet and cater way. I can manage to meet my students in a patient and friendly way."

    Unni Birch Hemsedal

Become a member, so you can get the overview you need.

minTavle, min e-Coach og Online course
is available online.

Vilfred Gangsøy

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