With the stop stress method, you can reduce the amount of adversity.

The Stopstress method is available on app.

Vilfred Gangsøy

Do you seek better interaction?

What do you need to achieve better interaction?

 Feel safe by:

  •  being heard, seen and respected

  •  being included, recognized and appreciated

  • experiencing belonging, gain trust and responsibility

  • gain coping and independent work

The Stopstress method is a brand new way of overcoming fear and painful feelings when your needs are not being fulfilled. 

Download the Stopstress app NOW. It’s free. 

Do you often experience not being heard or seen?

In minTavle you’ll find the overview.

minTavle gives you an overview of how often you don’t feel heard or seen.

I mobilappen gir du tilbakemelding på hvilket behov (f.eks. ikke bli hørt og sett) du blir støtt/truet i forhold til og hvilke følelser du kjenner på.

Tilbakemeldingene samles på en web server, der de presenteres grafisk for deg i minTavle.

I tillegg får du veiledning ut fra den følelsen/behovet du er inne i til enhver tid i min eCoach.

Du får også OnLine kurs med flere fremgangsmåter for å takle utfordringene du er inne i.

Alt dette kan du kjøpet tilgang på for kr. 249.- pr. mnd.

Bilde hentet fra: Glassdoor.com

Do you want to reduce sickness absence?

If your employees feel heard or seen, the sickness absence will decrease.

When employees are afraid not to be heard, seen, respected, recognized, involved, gained responsibility, co-determination, freedom and independence, they may be unhappy and ill.

We therefore offer real-time mapping of the not covered needs of employees. Methodology to create good interaction rules and to get a smooth interaction.

We therefore offer an online tool for continuous focus on a health promoting work environment.

The package costs kr. 33 000.-. Included you have a leadersTavle for a leader, minTavle for up to 20 employees and the Stopstress method app.

In the ledersTavle you will map the three biggest challenges in the department right NOW!

Feedback from Flå municipality

Britt H. Thalerud, Human Resources

”For several years, Flå municipality has had very high sickness absence in one of its units (15-18%). A number of measures have been implemented without results. At the same time, the staff scores high on the well-being of this workplace. The fall of 2013 started a concrete effort. Calls were made with each employee about what the individual thought of the high level of sickness absence. At the same time, we engaged our collaboration partner BestSolution to a number of gatherings with the employees. This was something brand new! BestSolution’s practical approach impressed the employees. The sick absences rate went down rapidly. Half a year later, the number had decreased to 5.4%. This is a very good result. The focus and the method have made us optimistic with regard to the continuation.”

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