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What does BestSolution AS deliver?

We deliver online courses and workshops on the tools and methods to:

  • Dealing with and getting rid of bad feelings
  • Become aware of what you are reacting to and why
  • Become aware of the link between the mental and pain/discomfort in the body
Start with the mini-course “Why emotions arise”.

What do you achieve?

We give you the tools and methods to create more of what gives you a good quality of life and better health!

Less pain and discomfort

Up to 90% of the physical symptoms come from mental challenges.

Fewer bad choices

When you understand your way of working, you make new good choices, which produce better results.

Fewer mood swings

When you learn to make the right choices, you will be happier and have a more stable mood.

Less external noise

Become more aware of what is important to focus on. You direct your attention to what you want, and not what you fear.

Less horror

Learn to master your challenges that are created by anxiety and fear.

Fewer bad memories

When you deal with the bad feeling in the memory, the memory will change. Memories is no longer used to activate the StressResponse.

What do you achieve?

Better quality of life

More present in everyday life and less in negative emotions.

Reduced stress

Fewer activations of the stress response both mentally and physically.


For the natural process that is the cause of your negative experiences.

More security

You get the tools and insight to deal with adversity.

Team BestSolution

Team BestSolution is passionate about the human software and finding solutions to the mental challenges that arise in life.

We are a team of different personalities, backgrounds and skills. Marianne is a holistic therapist and is best at the connection between mental and physical discomfort/pain. Erika is a nurse and is best at guiding users.. Bedicte is a skilled course instructor with good qualities on social media Vilfred is best at creating digital toolboxes that contain the methods and exercises we use to deal with the shortcomings we have in the human software.


Marianne S. Larsen

Course responsible

My background is that I myself struggled with a lot of discomfort and pain in my life. I received little help and had to learn to cope with my discomfort and pain. This made me really want to be able to find good tools and methods that could give me more optimal health.

I trained as a nursing assistant, basic anatomy, physiology. I also studied Holistic Therapy and acupuncture for 4 years.


Vilfred Gangsøy


I have always enjoyed solving tasks where others are stuck. Find the cause of the problem. Has extensive experience in IT and management.

I have helped many people to a simpler and better everyday life. That is why the human software has interested me. Now I am a program developer, course instructor and general manager at BestSolution AS


Erika Myrsell


From a young age, I always knew that I wanted to help people. Nursing education was therefore a natural choice for me. I have worked in an infection clinic, a doctor's office, been a department manager in a nursing home, care manager in Hemsedal municipality and in recent years I have worked with users with special needs. My experiences have shown me that there is great potential in each individual to achieve better mental and physical health.

Feedback from customers

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Some key figures for courses and views on the website for Norway. These change and will be updated regularly.

Courses in companies in Hallingdal and for private individuals held in Hemsedal.

Phase - 2

Is about seeing and understanding your reactions, why and when they occur. The aim of phase 2 is for you to experience that the patterns have a system. When you see and understand this programming, you will react in a better way and have a positive experience where before you had a negative experience. .

Phase - 3

Phase 3 helps you with the solution how to change your programmed patterns

The Harmony Model

What is the Harmony Method?

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What do you achieve?

What does the course include?

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