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About us

BestSolution AS helps you with mental challenges

Over more than 10 years, we have developed a methodology for mastering mental blocks, pain and discomfort.

This methodology is put together in various programs in the Harmony method

The interest behind the harmony method was that we ourselves had challenges with mental blocks, pain, discomfort and illness.

We tested many methods both at home and abroad without getting the desired result. In addition, long education in eastern and western medicine without finding the good solutions.

The road to the harmony method was challenging and exciting. The body and mind warn when something is not right. We can experience this as mental imbalance or pain and discomfort. We get the warning lights that the body and mind signal as information through thoughts, feelings, reactions, pain, discomfort and unwanted actions. This notification system can be difficult to understand, but it is truly unique once you understand how to use it. The way to become mentally strong and in good health is to play on the team with the body’s warning system and understand the unique message.

In the harmony method, you get the path to self-insight and the answers to how you can achieve an awake mind. How you make conscious good choices and achieve good health, dream and realize your goals.

We are one of Norway’s few professional environments that have a complete methodology for behavior change. This gives our customers an improved working environment, more well-being and better results. We have spent 10 years on product development, through experiencing the methodology in practice. Our ambition is to create the best solutions for behavioral change in companies, among managers and employees. With BestSolution Harmonimetode, you get state-of-the-art digital applications and online courses, with good user experiences and fast, dynamic pages for all your devices – desktop, tablet and mobile.


Team BestSolution


Marianne S.

Course responsible

My background is that I myself struggled with a lot of discomfort and pain in my life. I received little help and had to learn to cope with my discomfort and pain. This made me really want to be able to find good tools and methods that could give me more optimal health.

I trained as a nursing assistant, basic anatomy, physiology. I also studied Holistic Therapy and acupuncture for 4 years.


Erika Myrsell


From a young age, I always knew that I wanted to help people. Nursing education was therefore a natural choice for me.

I have worked in an infection clinic, a doctor's office, been a department manager in a nursing home, care manager in Hemsedal municipality and in recent years I have worked with users with special needs. My experiences have shown me that there is great potential in each individual to achieve more mental and physical health.


Vilfred Gangsøy


I have always enjoyed solving tasks where others are stuck. Find the cause of the problem. Has extensive experience in IT and management.

I have also helped many people to a simpler and better everyday life. That is why the human software has interested me.

Now I am a program developer, course instructor and general manager at BestSolution AS


Benedicte Mo

Social media and courses

I work as a health nurse.
Is genuinely concerned with physical and mental health.

Wants to provide good tools for handling difficult situations. What is painful and difficult affects mental and physical health.

I am responsible for social media and course instructor at BestSolution AS.