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What is the Harmony Method?

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In the HarmoniMetoden, you will find the cause of your blockages that stop you from having the everyday life you want. You get help to find the answers out of your blockages.

The cause of your blockages can affect you mentally and cause you discomfort and pain. Do you want to find the answers to why you react the way you do, and how it affects you in your everyday life?

The Harmony Method shows you the way step by step and asks you the questions you didn’t know you needed. This in order to achieve a positive and lasting change

We all know that we have influence over our own lives – but do you know how?

The Harmony Method shows you the way.

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This is the same step as in the HarmoniMetoden but with more depth

Phase - 2

Is about seeing and understanding your reactions, why and when they occur. The aim of phase 2 is for you to experience that the patterns have a system. When you see and understand this programming, you will react in a better way and have a positive experience where before you had a negative experience. .

Phase - 3

Phase 3 helps you with the solution how to change your programmed patterns

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