Erika Myrsell

The power of emotions

Have you noticed that your mood can change in a short time?

You can be happy and satisfied and in a short time you are angry and dissatisfied. Have you noticed that the negative situations happen more often when you are tired and unhappy?

Have you noticed how powerful your emotions are? When you are angry or irritated is it more difficult to let go of what irritates you?

When I realized how much power the emotions had both on my mood and how it affected pain and discomfort in the body, I was so excited to understand the connection between the feelings and the body. I started to notice when the bad feelings came and what happened.

I quickly realized that my emotions controlled me more than I realized. They controlled what I said, what choices I made and what I said yes and no to. I also learned that they affected my health. I learned how my emotions affected me and how I could avoid acting on negative ones feelings. It has changed my everyday life. I have gained more inner peace and better health.

I want everyone who has challenges with bad feelings to get help and recommend therefore the course for you.

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